SWDTeam.com SWDTeam.com was one of the first big websites I created back in 2013 and then later overhauled and relaunched in 2015. The purpose of the website was to provide a place for people who played my games and used my software to interact with each other, they could do this through the use of user profiles or the forums.

The website includes many different features, such as a store which allows users to make purchases using both card and PayPal. There's also a system in place which allows users to link their game with their profile which will make their user appear as "in game" on their profile.

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YoWorldDB.com YoWorldDB.com was the next big website I built. I started making this back in February 2018. The website was designed as an easy way for people who play the game "YoWord" to search and lookup in game items and players. They could check item prices, availability, categories, player names, ids, join dates, last seen dates and links to their virtual apartments.

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