Beehive Bedlam Remake March 2019 During February and March I set myself the task of recreating the iconic game "Beehive Bedlam".
The original game was launched on the Sky Interactive television service in 1999 and was shutdown in January of 2015.

I first went about recreating the assets using Inkscape and Photoshop, I tried to make these as close to the original as I could. I managed to find old footage and images of the game through various online sources which helped a lot in the design process. One I had the initial assets created I started coding the game. I wanted it to be cross platform (Android, iOS, Desktop, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV) so I decided upon using LibGDX which is a Java game development framework.

After a few weeks of work I had finished development and it was ready to be released. I published copies both on the Google Play store as well as Amazon. The game can be played both on mobile or as it was originally intended to be played on the TV.

UKIK May 2014 During the 2014 UK local elections I came up with the idea of making a game based UKIP focusing on the stereotypical view of the party. The game saw you play "Nicholas Fromage" standing on the White Cliffs of Dover kicking foreigners across the channel. In December 2014 we were informed that somebody had show the game to then UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who called the game "risible and pathetic". This immediately led to mass media attention from all over the UK and even abroad.

Unfortunately in 2018 Google removed the game from the Google play store stating that it violated it's policy on "Hate Speech". Google didn't seem to understand the point the game was trying to make and took it too literally.

Links: The Guardian, ITV, Daily Mail, Metro

YoVille HTML5 October 2018 This is an unfinished project, but was something I decided to make in order to practice building an HTML5 multiplayer game. The game was written in JavaScript using Adobe Animate. The server side code was also written using JavaScript with the help of Node.js.

The game got as far as being able to login with different users and having each user synced up with each client, a simple chat feature and the start of a user customisation ability which would download resources from a CDN.